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We Take Your Allergies Seriously

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Allergy Testing & Treatment in Dayton, Ohio

At Allergy & Asthma Associates, we try to make diagnostic and care as hassle free as possible for patients. You benefit from specialized allergy testing and treatment from our physicians in Beavercreek, Ohio. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call us at (937) 431-0721.

Allergy Tests
Skin tests will be performed in most instances to determine if and to what you are allergic. Skin testing remains the most rapid, sensitive, and reliable method of making this determination. Ordinarily most tests are done on the arms and only a few tests may be necessary.

Most tests are performed using a plastic, toothpick-like device making a superficial prick on the skin of the forearm or back. All types of tests are relatively painless.

Family, Allergy Treatment in Beavercreek, OH

Children, especially young children, may be frightened of the tests, and they may seem to "hurt" more than older children or adults. Being honest with them ("the tests may sting and itch like a mosquito bite"), and explaining and demonstrating what is to be done (on the parent if so desired) usually allay such fears.

Skin testing can usually be accomplished in one visit and will usually last about one hour or less. It is necessary that all antihistamines be stopped five days prior to skin testing. Please see the list of medications below to be discontinued before testing. We also recommend you make arrangements for the care of any young children who are not being evaluated.

Allergy Injections
(Hyposensitization, Immunotherapy, "Allergy" Shots)
Some patients may need allergy injections as part of their treatment for an allergic disorder. You may receive these injections in any of our offices, or we will send your allergic treatment set ("Allergy Extract" or "Vaccine") to your primary physician for administration under his/her supervision.

Allergy injections will be given only when there is a physician in the immediate area since there is always a potential for a serious reaction to occur. It is necessary to remain in the waiting room for a period of time after the injection. We cannot take responsibility for injections given without medical supervision.

Instructions for Patients That Will Be Skin Tested
Do not discontinue antidepressants/psychotropic medications without consulting your prescribing physician.

Call your pharmacy or prescribing physician if you are unsure about the names of your medications.

Asthma medications do not affect skin testing. Do not stop your asthma medications!


The following is a partial list of medications that should be discontinued at least 5 days prior to skin testing. Also, most over-the-counter sleep aids and allergy/cold medicines should be avoided. Any medicine listing drowsiness or sedation as a side effect may need to be stopped before testing.

• Actifed®

• Alavert®

• Alka-Seltzer Plus®

• Allegra®

• Allerestl® A.R.M.

• Astelin®

• Astepro®

• Atarax®

• Atrohist®

• Atrohist Plus®

• Benadryl®

• Bromfed®

• Brompheniramine®

• Certirizine

• Chlorpheniramine®


• Chlor-Trimeton®

• Clarinex®

• Claritin®

• Contac®

• Coricidin®

• CTM dexbrompheniramine®

• Cyproheptadine®

• Dallergy®

• Deconamine®

• Dexbrompheniramine®

• Dimenhydrinate®

• Dimetane®

• Dimetapp®

• Diphenhydramine

• Dramamine®

• Drixoral®

• Duratapp®

• Duratapp PD®

• Dymista®

• Fexofenadine

• Hydroxyzine®

• Levocetirizine®

• Loratadine

• Meclizine®

• Naldecon®

• Nyquil®

• Palgic®

• Patanase®

• Periactin®

• Phenergan®


• Poly-Histine®

• Promethazine®

• Pyribenzamine®

• Robitussin CF®

• Rondec®

• Rondec TC®

• R-Tannate®

• Ru-Tuss®

• Rynatan®

• Sudafed Plus®

• Tanafed®

• Tannate®

• Tavist®

• Tavist D®

 • Triaminic®


• Trinalin®

• Tripelennamine®

• Triprolidine®

• Vistaril®

• Xyzal®

• Zyrtec®

• Zyrtec D®

The following medications should be discontinued for 7 days prior to skin testing:

• Amitriptyline®

• Doxepin®

• Elavil®

• Imipramine®

• Sinequan®

• Tofranil®




The following medications should be discontinued for 1 day prior to skin testing:

• Axid®

• Benadryl®cream

• Pepcid®

• Tagamet®

• Zantac®




You may take the following medications for nasal congestion:

• Any over-the-counter decongestant or saline spray or Nasalcrom®

• Any steroid allergy spray (Flonase®, Fluticasone®, Nasacort®, Nasarel®, Omnaris®, Rhinocort®, Qnasl®, Zetonna®)

• Any oral decongestant (Entex®, PSE, Guaifed®, Humibid®, Sudafed®  (not Sudafed®  Plus)



Visit our allergy doctors for accurate testing and care for your specific conditions.